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Resources for those 60 and over

As you or your parents enter the years of Social Security options, Medicare options and different living opportunities, gathering all the information is overwhelming.  Below are resources that we have gathered to make the process easier for you.  While this may only be a starting point, hopefully it will save you time as well as give you key information on where to go next as well as what questions to ask.

Social Security and Medicare Links

Social Security Website-Retirement Benefits Information covering Social Security and Medicare

Social Security Website-Summary Brochure on Medicare Benefits

Medicare Website-Very Detailed Medicare Information Current Year

Social Security Website-Create your account to access your earnings history and your benefit estimates

Housing Options

Do you know the difference between an Assisted Living community and a Continuing Care Retirement Community? Not sure what Home Health Agencies really do? If not, you are not alone! Read through articles on the various housing options available to you as you age or how to make living at home easier and more comfortable.

Aging Services –

What are the different services as we age? Click here to go to article which summarizes some of the different services available. This article is from which is also an accreditation organization for providers.

Aging in Place Resources –

By using aging services as well aging in place technology, many people are able to continue living in their own homes. Click here to read more for available resources and technology that can make this easier. 

Assessments –

When assessing a caretaking or living arrangement, it is important to know what to ask. The following resource is very lengthy but has a section for each living arrangement and the questions to ask when you go and visit. As well, there is a summary of the different living arrangements and estimated costs of each option. Click here to go to link

Long Term Care

Senior Navigator Article -Costs & How to Pay for Long-Term Care


As we age, creating a financial caretaking plan as well as a Proactive Aging plan is important. We offer this service for our clients and work with them as they create a plan with their families. However, this website has good articles even if you are not formally using their program.

Link to Whealthcare Education