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Comprehensive Financial Planning

The Comprehensive Financial Planning service of Aspire Planning Group combines goal setting, ongoing financial planning, coaching, and advice with personalized investment management.

Our clients frequently have planning questions like:

  • Financial Independence

    How much do I need to save to get there? How much can I spend and not run out of money? How will I get income when I stop working? Should I take a lump sum or annuity option on my pension? What do I do with my 401k?
  • Estate Planning

    Are my current estate documents adequate now? What kind of documents do I need and why do I need them? What do these documents do? What decisions should I make about the distribution of my assets after I am gone? Who are the appropriate people to act as my agent, personal representative, trustee, etc.? How do I protect my minor children?
  • Risk Management

    Do I have enough/too much insurance? Do I have the right kind of insurance? Is there any way to cut my costs? Do I really need Long Term Care Insurance? Do I really need disability insurance?
  • Tax Planning

    Would a Roth conversion make sense for me? How can I lower my tax bill? Should I save using pre-tax or after-tax vehicles? Is it better to put more in my 401k, or should I establish a cash reserve for emergencies? What is the most tax-efficient way to create my income stream during retirement?
  • Specific Financial Decisions

    Should I refinance my mortgage? Should I pay cash for my new car, lease it, or finance it? Can we afford a second home? How can I pay for my children’s college education? Can I stay home from work to be with my kids? Can I afford to start my own business? Should I use my company’s deferred comp program? When should I sell my options?

Professional investment management is an integral part of our financial planning service. We will work with you to choose an investment strategy that seeks the returns you need to pursue your goals while minimizing the risks taken to achieve those returns.