Our Financial Planning Process

Most of our new relationships start with a financial plan. This allows us to assess your current situation and create effective strategies for you to achieve your goals. Staying on track with a financial strategy takes discipline. That’s why we combine a life planning approach with a traditional financial planning approach. We will explore your values and what is important to you so that you are inspired to work towards your goals.

Our clients are looking for long term guidance and partnership to achieve their goals. We are not currently doing project based planning or a one-time financial plan.

The Aspire Plan

You can expect the following process as we start to work together. Financial Planning is not meant to be a snapshot in time, but rather an ongoing, evolving process. Our clients are looking for an ongoing relationship to help them achieve their long terms goals.

Step 1. Discover

We will both learn a lot about each other and determine if there is a good fit for an ongoing relationship. This is your chance to ask whatever questions you have about our services, philosophies, process and fees.

Step 2: Clarify

We use several tools to help us understand what is important to you and why it is important to you. We review your goals, current and future. During this meeting, will also review your current financial situation and clarify some of your financial data.

Step 3: Develop

After you have defined your goals, our team takes your information and creates a personalized strategy to help you pursue them. You will receive a detailed strategy for all the key financial areas that apply to your situation.

Step 4: Implement

The very best financial plan is worthless if the plan is not implemented and monitored. If you need estate planning, we will coordinate with your attorney to help you get it  done. If you need insurance, we’ll help you get it. We will create a solid investment portfolio that is goal-based, diversified, allocated appropriately and professionally managed.

Step 5: Monitor and Adjust

As time goes by, circumstances change. Your plan may need to change too. Today’s goal may not be the same as tomorrow’s dream. As your life changes, new things become important to you.

That’s why it is important to review your goals and objectives on a regular basis with annual planning reviews and ongoing monitoring.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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