Sue's Story

We work with many women who are independent and value the partnership they have with us. This allows them to focus on their personal and professional life knowing we are providing oversight on their financial life. 

Sue would be typical of many of our independent woman clients.  Sue is reaching the end of her professional life and is considering her next stage of heading into financial independence. She has worked for a larger corporation for many years.  Her biggest concern might be IF she can retire.  She may have an interest in more travel or having a second home in a warmer climate.  Some of the areas we might assist Sue with would be.

  • We would create an initial plan reviewing her overall financial situation and her progress towards achieving her current goals.
  • Provide her clear guidance on what she needs to do while still working to have a higher chance of achieving her goals.
  • We could assess a Pension lump sum offering to educate her on her various choices.
  • Review, advise, and simplify her investments so that they have the appropriate risk/reward mix for her future income needs and goals.
  • We might create a stock sale strategy if she had Restricted Stock Units or other company stock positions keeping her overall tax situation at the forefront.
  • Create tax sensitive income distribution strategies that give her confidence to enjoy her life as she stops working.
  • On an ongoing basis, we would continue to work with Sue to help her as her life and goals evolve.
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