Jean and George's Story

We work with many couples that are super busy professionals as well as super busy parents. Imagine a couple – we’ll call them Jean and George – who have very little time to manage their wealth. A couple like this might have investments scattered in many accounts with very little coordination or strategy with them. As successful professionals, they also might have options and Restricted stock from their companies that create significant income tax issues each year. 

Early in our relationship, we would create a financial road map for Jean and George which would allow them to discuss their values and what is most important to them in their life. The clients would be able to tell us what they really want for their retirement, so we would explore ways to help them pursue their passions and life’s purpose. Some of the ways we could help a couple like Jean and George are: 

  1. As part of the planning process, we could determine how soon Jean would be able to retire from her job and pursue her dreams. We would continue to monitor and assist them to stay on track to help her meet her retirement goal.
  2. We could review any deferred compensation plans the company might offer to offset the Restricted stock vesting and the income associated with it.
  3. When they were both retired, we would review their tax situation and available revenue streams to attempt to lower their effective tax rate. 
  4. If the couple has children, we would discuss the possibility of establishing education accounts for all the children so that they would have tax free growth and funds reserved specifically for the education needs.
  5. We would look for ways to simplify and consolidate accounts so that they would have a clear picture of their overall net worth and the overall risk in their portfolio.  

Our goal is to be a partner to assist in their financial life but also to help them explore and achieve their life goals.

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