Women are Different

Women are Different

April 12, 2019

You might notice a trend in the Financial Advisor space that there is a movement to create a Niche of advising women.  We are all told what a “big market” it is and that women will be controlling the majority of wealth.  Forget that.  How about focusing on the female market because we need to continue to encourage women to take action and be proactive about their wealth.  Women inherently see money issues differently than men.  They have different conflicts and different goals. They like to engage with their finances differently than men. A colleague of mine has created an entire business called Purse Strings specifically to educate people in our industry on how to work with women because they have been so poorly served in the past.

In my practice, I do focus on helping women.  However, it is not because it is a “Big” market, it is because women have so many strikes against them financially and they need to be even more diligent on planning and saving.  While I obviously am a big believer in working with a Financial Planner/Coach, if you choose to be a “do it yourselfer”, here are some helpful resources to guide you along. https://www.bankrate.com/investing/investing-resources-for-women/.  If you would like a partner to help you put a plan in place and stay accountable, just call us at 847-231-0990.

Live Fully. Plan Wisely.

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