Sustainable and Saving

Sustainable and Saving

February 20, 2020

I have to admit, I like saving money.  I guess that is a good thing as a financial professional.  But sometimes my thriftiness has been considered being cheap.  But being an optimist, I like to frame my actions as methods of being more sustainable and respecting our environment.  Here are a few ways I save money and try to do my part to save the planet.

  1. Use bar soap as opposed to body wash in plastic bottles.  A bar of soap for about $3.00 (a splurge), lasts several months while body wash in a plastic container may last 2 weeks.  That would be 4 plastic bottles saved over 2 months as well as the cost of the soap.
  2. I ALWAYS travel with a water bottle. With water fountains that fill bottles available in so many places, it seems silly to buy water. Especially at places like airports which charge substantially more.  The less plastic bottles the better.
  3. Cooking Fresh – It is no surprise that cooking your meals at home saves you money. However, cooking from scratch may also be better for the environment especially if you are buying less processed and packaged foods.  (Better for your health too)
  4. Unplugging – With less people in our house these days, it is silly to have so many things plugged in. We unplug the basement electrical items as well as unused bedroom electronics.  Less energy, lower bill.

While these small actions may seem minor, over time they add up financially.  And if we all do our share to be more sustainable, that will add up too.

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