Do You Have Your Emergency Contact Set up

Do You Have Your Emergency Contact Set up

January 14, 2020

Recently, I have been wondering how anyone would get my emergency contact information if something bad were to happen to me.  When I bike, I sometimes take my license.  When I run, I know I should have an ID on me but I often don’t.  I figure that I have my phone and that should be fine.  But I recently realized, with all the lock mechanisms on my phone, no one could get any emergency information about me.  What used to be my ICE contact (In case of emergency) is no longer accessible.

Ironically, one of my nieces, who was only 27 years old, had a major stroke in a mall parking lot.  I knew that the emergency team had used her phone to access her contacts but I couldn’t figure out how.  When we visited her and she shared with me some tips that I wanted everyone to know.  As she has had a series of medical issues, she had her phone set up properly.  She felt it was a definite life saver as the paramedics were able to reach her parents who were able to get to the hospital quickly and assist the medical team. 

Please take action on this no matter your age.  It is not only seniors that may need help.  This could save your life at any age.  You may make this information as simple or as detailed as you wish.  I just set up mine and it took 30 seconds.

SET UP YOUR MEDICAL ID ON YOUR PHONE.  This will be accessible even if your phone is locked.

For your apple phone, here are some instructions:

This article also discusses some important privacy concerns to consider.

For your Android device, here are the instructions:

With my clients, my focus is on strategies to help them work towards their long term goals to be financially secure. And since I know most of their long term goals include living a long healthy life, I think the above advice fits in well with Comprehensive Financial Planning.

Live Fully. Plan Wisely.