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Loss of Spouse or Significant Other

Losing a spouse or significant other is one of the most traumatic transitions any of us will ever experience. Your soul mate and life partner is gone. The journey is not easy. It’s complicated and painful. This is when you need a compassionate and knowledgeable financial planner assisting with this transition.

We can’t make your grief go away. But we can provide that sounding board that you are missing. We can help coach you through the decisions that need to be made, provide the space and time you need to grieve, and the guidance, planning, and investment management you will need to make sure you are provided for and that you can move on to the next phase of life.

As a part of our financial transition planning services for loss of your loved one, we will help answer your questions:

  • How will I take care of my family without my partner?
  • How do I pay my bills?
  • Do I need to get a job (or different job)?
  • What do I do with my spouse’s retirement plans?
  • Is it smart to combine IRA accounts?
  • Am I entitled to part of my spouse’s pension?
  • What happens with Social Security?
  • Now what do I do for health insurance?
  • Are there any life insurance benefits that I don’t know about?