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End-of-Life Planning

At some point, we are all faced with this sad situation. Someone you love, be it a spouse, a parent, or a partner, will not be with you much longer. The last thing you want to worry about and spend time doing is organizing financial affairs. However, sorting through this key area can relieve much stress for all involved.

At Aspire Planning Group, we want to relieve some of the stress associated with this very difficult time. As a part of our financial planning services for end of life, we will help answer your questions, such as:

  • Are the accounts titled properly to stay out of probate?
  • Are the current beneficiaries the correct beneficiaries?
  • Are there current Power of Attorney and Power of Healthcare documents in place?
  • Is the home titled in a manner that will allow for seamless transition?
  • What will be the status of current pension and social security income after death?
  • Are there sufficient liquid assets to pay for funeral costs or other living needs?
  • In addition, we can help prepare and organize documents and paperwork for or with other professionals.